Color Hardener  

Pigmented dry-shake surface hardener which increases surface strength and color intensity


Color Release  

A hydrophobic dry-shake release agent used for antiquing/ secondary color for Increte and Thin-Crete applications


Wall Form Release

A non-toxic, non-residual, non-staining, concentrated release agent to be used with Stone-Crete and or conventional wall forms


Liquid Release

Solvent-based release agent that eliminates surface preparation prior to sealing in Thin-Crete and Increte applications


Clear Seal

An acrylic-based crystal clear penetrating sealer that enhances and protects decorative concrete surfacing.  Uses: Increte, Stone-Crete, Texture-Crete, Thin-Crete, Color-Crete and Stain-Crete


High Solids Clear Seal

An acrylic protective sealer used to enhance gloss over Increte systems clear seal


INCO Glaze

An acrylic, high-gloss top coat to be used for interior decorative surfacing. Uses: Stain-Crete, Thin-Crete


Concrete Stain (water base)

An acrylic latex concrete stain that seals and protects all concrete and masonry surfaces an dries to a medium to high gloss finish


Spray-Deck Resin

An acrylic cement modifier which increases flexibility and adhesion for Thin-Crete (overlay)


Spray-Deck Grout

Specially formulated cementious grout designed to be used with Spray-Deck and Texture-Crete



An acid-based stain designed for use on all masonry surfaces that produces a rich and variegated finish



A single-component overlay system designed for stamping


Thin-Crete Resin

An acrylic cement modifier for increased flexibility and adhesion of Thin-Crete



A single-component self-leveling overlay system designed specifically for use in conjunction with Stain-Crete



100% acrylic bonding agent that increases adhesion and seals surfaces prior to overlay installation. Uses: Increte - stair facings, Thin-Crete, New-Crete


Increte Delay

A water-based polymer designed to be used as an evaporation retardant on concrete flatwork of all types in dry and windy conditions


Cement Retarder

Specially formulated retarder that delays set times in cementious systems. Uses: Increte, Thin-Crete, Color-Crete, Texture-Crete, Spray-Deck



A specially formulated blend of solvents used for cleaning tools and equipment used in solvent-based sealer and stain application

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